The new TOTAL card is a prepaid card that you can use to plan and manage your spend on fuel, lubricants, gas and other products and services at all TOTAL stations countrywide.



Monitor and Manage your spend on all fuel, and other products and services


TOTAL card uses a sophisticated microchip and secure PIN to keep your credit safe


Access to TOTAL EXCELLIUM, TOTAL QUARTZ and other quality products and services in all TOTAL stations countrywide

Standard Card Features

  • Get the card instantly at the Station of Reference
  • Fuel at any TOTAL station at any time of Day and/or Week
  • Purchase any Product
  • Can Fuel any Car
  • Can fuel any volume of fuel No Tank capacity Limit
  • Open to consume any amount of money per day and/or week

Customised Card Features

  • Not Instantly gotten at your TOTAL Station of Reference Created from Head Office and sent to your Station of Reference for pick up
  • You can Limit where to fuel from by Station(s) and/or by Regions
  • Can Limit what Products to Purchase
  • Can be Tagged to only fuel a specific Car
  • Can Limit Tank Capacity
  • Can Limit amount of money to consume per day and/or per week

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for a TOTAL card?

All new and existing customers interested in managing their costs better and reducing cash exposure

How do I get a TOTAL card?

Visit any TOTAL service station countrywide. Request for TOTAL card from any attendant or station manager. Present a valid National ID, Passport or Driving permit for registration. You will instantly get your card ready for use

How does my TOTAL card work?

  • Inform the customer attendant that you are a TOTAL card customer
  • Present the TotalCard Express to the Customer Attendant for the status to be checked (validity and balance)
  • The attendant will ask you for quantity or amount of the product(s) you want to buy
  • You will be served with the required product(s) accordingly
  • The attendant will enter the details of the transaction into the terminal and then hand over the terminal to you to confirm if the amount on the terminal’s screen corresponds with the amount of your purchase(s)
  • If amount agrees with your purchase(s), validate the transaction by entering your 4-digit PIN code
  • He will take back the terminal while it is printing the receipt
  • The receipt and your TotalCard Express will be handed over to you

  • Never let the attendant key in your PIN code.
  • Always enter PIN code yourself
  • If you enter the INCORRECT pin code twice, prompt the attendant to cancel the process, and then verify your pin before concluding your transaction
Note: Failure on the third attempt will get the card blocked.

How do I avoid fraudulent transactions on my card?

Your PIN is the signature required for all card transactions and as such should be kept secret and private; do not share with a third party. Always keep your card safe. Note that transactions can only occur with the physical card slotted into the terminal with the PIN number typed in

Don't allow your card to go out of sight when being used for a transaction at Total Service Stations.

How do I top up my TOTAL card?

Currently, your TOTAL card can only be topped up from any TOTAL station near you

What are the likely reasons why my card transaction may be declined?

  • When you don't have sufficient funds on your card to transact
  • When you enter a wrong card PIN

What products can the TOTAL card purchase?

TOTAL card can purchase any product or service at the station; TOTAL EXCELLIUM, TOTAL lubricants, TOTAL gas, Bonjour Shop, Car wash and others

Can I transfer my funds to another TOTAL card?

No. Credit transfers are only possible in case of replacement of lost card

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